The Campus Dining Petition

Wrong for dining dorms; wrong for students; wrong for MIT


A proposed dining plan drafted by the House Dining Advisory Group will make radical changes to MIT. Although these changes are intended to improve the dining experience for MIT students, its effects are far-reaching and extremely negative for dorm culture, club and FSILG recruitment and activities, and egalitarianism in MIT housing. Additionally, the costs far exceed existing student expenditures by a factor of two.

On November 17, we began a petition voicing our concerns about the new plan to Dean Colombo, the members of the House Dining Advisory Group, and other relevant administrators. The petition has since acquired over 1700 signatures and has attracted widespread campus attention.

You can read the text of the petition and add your signature here.

Latest News

Monday, November 29, 2010

Dean Colombo sent a letter to all undergrads announcing some amendments to the new dining plan. In particular, he announced a grandfathering option for rising juniors and seniors which would still require them to purchase a plan, but which would allow them to buy a lower-commitment plan of 7 weekly meals for $2500.

The amended plan does not address our concerns. It doesn't come close to answering the issues with the new dining plan (dorm culture, clubs, FSILGs, cost). It doesn't address the high expense that the class of 2014 and future generations of MIT students will have to bear. It's not even an attractive plan for the 2012s or 2013s, who are allowed a partial opt-out. Our response is articulated here.